The Celtic Tree Calendar

The Celtic Tree Calendar

The Celtic Calendar is a moon based calendar with the months named after trees. Below are the dates and also the “Days Out of Balance” which are traditional holidays with a twist in The Power of Trees.

The traditional moon calendar information comes from this source: I have changed some of the Moons to better reflect Lan’s journey.







Birch Moon: Dec 24-Jan 20

Rowan Moon: Jan 21-Feb 17

  • Day Out of Balance: First New Moon

Ash Moon: Feb 18-March 17

Alder Moon: March 18-April 14

  • Day Out of Balance: Vernal Equinox (March 20 or 21)

Willow Moon: April 15-May 12

  • Day Out of Balance: Beltane (May 1)

Hawthorn Moon: May 13-June 9

Oak Moon: June 10-July 7

  • Day Out of Balance: Summer Solstice (June 20 or 21)

Holly Moon: July 8-August 4

  • Day Out of Balance: Lammas (Aug 1)

Hazel Moon: Aug 5-Sept 1

Maple Moon: Sept 2-29

  • Day Out of Balance: Autumnal Equinox (Sept 20 or 21)

Chestnut Moon: Sept 30-Oct 27

Blackthorn Moon: Oct 28-Nov 23

  • Day Out of Balance: Samhain (Oct 31)

Elder Moon: Nov 24-Dec 23

  • Day Out of Balance: Winter Solstice (Dec 20 or 21)







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