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The Triple Spiral

The Triple Spiral

Asira learns the power of spirals in her healing work in Chapter 8. One of them is the triple spiral. Discover the benefits of it by tracing it with your finger.


The Visionary Invocation

The Visionary Invocation

Laird’s Invocation

May the visionaries of Earth be protected as they guide us on the path of Truth and Essence.
May this generation and all generations to come be blessed with Balance.
May all knowers of divinity be blessed with eternal Serenity. 

May all beings in all worlds be Joyful.


The Warrior Invocation

The Warrior Invocation

Dìquì’s Invocation

I call on the Rainbow Warrior, to whom death is no terror;

May courage be granted to me as bright as a crystal.

May my form be exalted,

May my will be ennobled,

May my strength be increased,

May my home stay safe,

May I complete my journey,

May my destiny be ensured to me.

(Irish prayer abridged)