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Juicy Trivia about The Power of the Crystalline Trees

Juicy Trivia about The Power of the Crystalline Trees

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A Book is Born: Some Backstory on The Power of the Crystalline Trees

It’s been a big first week since the birth of The Power of the Crystalline Trees. Lots of positive response on Facebook to the launch. And sharing of the page link.

But first…thank you so much to those who have left those awesome reviews on Amazon! With just 4 reviews the book climbed all the way up to the 300s (the lower the number the better). A few more reviews and the book could possible get into the top 100 for our category.

And then a small step for the author but a giant leap for the book …Amazon finally linked the two versions of the book (kindle and print). I kept checking cause it said 72 hours…and nothing, nothing, nothing. So finally I sent them an email yesterday (that was fun tracking that link down) and this morning…ta da!

So now I have one link to rule them all!

Here’s the link to leave a review.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I thought it would be fun to share some “special  trivia” about the book. When I fall in love with a book I want to know all the backstory…which is partly why I created the website. So here are some fun tidbits:

Lan’s secret name: Gavilán is actually Spanish for Hawk. Definitely Lan’s totem animal, Hawk energy shows up in the next book The Power of the Crystalline Horses. Those wings are soooo dreamy and Lan will continue to have visions about someone with wings that stirs his heart (weird cause he doesn’t know anyone who has wings).

The Forest of Dandaka: I feel as though writing about trees and how they interact with each other hasn’t just made me feel more connected to trees, but I feel like trees are more aware of me! I’m in the circle of trust, so to speak. Which is why for every copy of TPotCT that is bought in print, I will be donating to reforesting projects. And receiving the contribution of trees in all forms in my life (the house I live in, the journal I create with, the furniture my legs are resting on right now) with the deepest of appreciation.

I am wondering…after reading Chapter 5…do you feel a greater connection to trees as well?

The Moon Calendar and Days Out of Balance: I’ve always been fascinated by the rhythms of the moon. The past several years, I’ve created New Moon Calendars for the coming year to help me be more aware of when the New and Full Moon dates are. (Segue: I wonder how much of my menstrual issues that I had 2 decades ago was because I was out of rhythm with the moon?)

I loved creating a New Moon Calendar for the book based on trees…which is a very Celtic thing. Based on today’s date we are currently in the Cyprus Moon Month. The Day Out of Balance actually fell on the New Moon date of Nov 7th. Yikes! All kinds of weird things happened that day in our nonfictional world!

My fictional Days Out of Balance are based on equinox and solstice dates plus the midpoint between seasonal changes…except the first New Moon of the new year, the Tibetan New Year). I have to actually track the time frame of my characters as they journey in the book to keep track of when a Day Out of Balance is going to happen next. I’m cooking up some really spectacular events for the sequel!

One last question for you…where in the world do you imagine our story is actually taking place?

In the next post, I’ll share some challenges I’m facing writing the sequel. Perhaps you can help me solve them with your creative input.

Okay…please take a minute to pop on over to Amazon and leave a review, if you haven’t yet. Let’s get into the top 100! Here’s the link.

Again…a huge thank you if you already have. I have no way to respond to your reviews on the page (I desperately want to click a “Thumb’s Up” like on FB) but I read each one and receive your contribution to the book with so much gratitude.

Till next time,


The Triple Spiral

The Triple Spiral

Asira learns the power of spirals in her healing work in Chapter 8. One of them is the triple spiral. Discover the benefits of it by tracing it with your finger.


The Forest of Dandaka Tree Calendar

The Forest of Dandaka Tree Calendar

The Forest of Dandaka Tree Calendar is a moon based calendar with the months named after trees. Below are the dates and also the “Days Out of Balance” which are traditional holidays with a twist in The Crystalline Power of Trees.

This is roughly based on a Celtic Tree Calendar. A traditional Celtic moon calendar information can be seen here: I have changed some of the trees to better reflect Lan’s journey.

The dates change slightly as the New Moons change. Below the dates are based on the New Moons for 2018. This calendar starts on the first new moon closest to the Winter Solstice.

Stay tune for a downloadable calendar with new moon, full moon, mercury retrograde info and more for 2018!

2018 New Moon Forest of Dandaka Calendar

Birch Moon: Dec 17-Jan 15

  • Day Out of Balance: Winter Solstice (Dec 21)

Hawthorn Moon: Jan 16-Feb 14

  • Day Out of Balance: First New Moon

Ash Moon: Feb 15-March 16

Alder Moon: March 17-April 14

  • Day Out of Balance: Vernal Equinox (March 20)

Oak Moon: April 15-May 14

  • Day Out of Balance: Beltane (May 5)

Willow Moon: May 15-June 12

Crab Apple Moon: June 13-July 11

  • Day Out of Balance: Summer Solstice (June 21)

White Spruce Moon: July 12-August 10

  • Day Out of Balance: Lammas (Aug 7)

Chokecherry: Aug 11-Sept 8

Aspen Moon: Sept 9-Oct 7

  • Day Out of Balance: Autumnal Equinox (Sept 22)

Maple Moon: Oct 8-Nov 6

Cypress: Nov 7-Dec 6

  • Day Out of Balance: Samhain (Nov 7)

Pecan Moon: Dec 7-January 4

  • Day Out of Balance: Winter Solstice (Dec 21)