Book 1 | The Power of the Crystalline Trees

Book 1 | The Power of the Crystalline Trees

Meet Lan!

(Actually that’s just a tree)

He’s on a steep learning curve as he sets out to save the world…


Chapter One: The Map Compass

Lan gets sent away from his home by his adopted grandmother, Boosha, so that “The Gatherers” don’t get him. She’s sick and he doesn’t want to leave her. She gives him three tools to take with him…a Map Compass, a Cloak, and a Crystal Cube. He must go to Asira and deliver the Crystal and the 3 Keys (but what are the 3 Keys?) After escaping to the forest, Lan is overcome with fear, and doubt. The first night he collapses from the horror of it all.

Chapter Two: Lost

Lan decides to deliver the Crystal Cube to Asira as fast as he can and takes a shortcut instead of following the Map Compass. He keeps running into serious obstacles such as a mean Willow Grove and a highly dangerous ravine to cross. After getting over to the other side he finds some food and falls asleep. A fog descends and the Map Compass goes blank. Now what?

Chapter Three: Starting Over

Lan decides to trace his trail back to the village and admit defeat to Boosha. A fateful meditation with an Owl changes his outlook. On his way back he comes across two of The Gatherers who had followed him into the forest. They lie face down with their hands clutching their throats before dying. How was that possible? Lan reaches where he spent his first night and the Map Compass switches back on. Now what excuse will he give Boosha?

Chapter Four: The Vision

We introduce Asira, who Lan thinks is a village or a place he’s going to. Asira is ready to end her life when she has a vision in front of her fire about a guy in a blue cloak arriving to help her. Asira’s story unfolds in the village called Our Place. The animals love her and her healing gifts. Unfortunately the director of the village has other plans for her talents.

Chapter Five: The Forest of Dandaka

Lan begins to learn the wisdom and the power of the trees and why everyone is so afraid of this forest. He learns how to Tree Talk to the roots for support and connection, the trunks for stored info/history, and the branches for vision and guidance. There’s a wild night with a Birch grove. He begins to get more confident with his survival skills. Unfortunately all trees aren’t friends to Lan.

Chapter Six: Safe Haven

Who are The Crystallines and The Awakeners and why do The Gatherers want them? Winter has come to the forest. Lan is found by a hermit living in the woods who takes him in and nurses him back to health. He teaches him things that are useful in the wilderness such as making cordage and bows and arrows. Sawyer explains some of Lan’s history, his parents and what his real name is.

Chapter Seven: Under the Double Full Moon

Lan continues his lessons with Sawyer but now he learns about his energy seats and what to do with them or not to do with them. He connects to the trees in a new way and learns how to commune with them from any place. One night Lan has a nightmare about someone shooting a rocket at the Double Moon and the Earth coming to an end because of it. Sawyer explains the history of the Double Moon and the bad days of the year. Creepy things come out on those days. Lan is forced to run away once again.

Chapter Eight: What the Firebirds Know

Asira connects to the Firebirds and learns about the power of the 3 Winds. She discovers something unique in the midden near the village. She witnesses when a stranger exits the Forest of Dandaka and enters the village.

Chapter Nine: The Bad Lands

Lan continues his journey. He finally gets his third Key and undergoes a significant change because of it. He comes to a place that is toxic and unable to grow anything. He can’t pass it until he heals the land.

Chapter Ten: Arriving

Lan reaches the village and discovers that Asira is not the name of it. He decides to look for the head of the village and deliver the Crystal Cube to him. He doesn’t put on his cloak.

Chapter Eleven: Painful Lessons 

The village reacts in fear, recognizing him as one of the Crystalline lineage. Thinking The Gatherers might come to their village looking for him, they viciously beat him up, leaving him for dead. Asira finds him and begins to heal him…finding the cloak in his bag and recognizing him as the guy in her fire vision.

Chapter Twelve: Unlocking Gifts

Lan and Asira figure out how to unlock her gifts using the Crystal Cube and the 3 Keys. Lan thinks this is the end of the journey for him and he’s done what he’s supposed to. She can take it from here…he’s heading back to Boosha.

Chapter Thirteen: No Turning Back

The Gatherers come to the village and begin to search for the Crystallines. They block the entrance back to the Forest of Dandaka. The Map Compass turns on again and it shows Lan and Asira travelling through the mountains to Laird. Asira pulls out the crystal shape she found in the town’s landfill (it’s called Crystalline Emotion).